It’s back. 

It has crept right in 

I simply can’t get rid of it. 

It has taken a piece of me. 

I’m trying to fight it 

but it’s simply so hard. 

I don’t know what to do.
I’m running out of options. 


But will it ever be over? 


Goodbye to you, my love

There was so much to be said like

I love you

I will miss you

I’ll never forget what we had

and I wish you the best things in life.

I never got to utter the words

I was too sad and tired

because you were leaving.

I hope you will keep your promise

that we will keep in touch

because if I get a second chance

I will tell you everything.

I’m glad for all that we got to experience together.

You are someone who I will never forget.

Yes, this is my goodbye to you

because I’m sure we will never see each other again

but know one thing: I love you

Let go

Let go.

Let go of what you can’t change. 

Let go of all the worries

live in the moment and be free. 


We have time 

but it goes by so fast. 

We have to enjoy the moment here and now

and the life that is happening. 

Don’t let it run by you 

run with your life. 

Don’t just look at it. 


It’s amazing. 

It’s a wonder what we can do in this world. 

So many possibilities and options today. 

So yes. 

Let’s go on an adventure!


Nobody know and nobody cares. 

because it’s not about the destination 

but it’s about the journey going there! 

So let go!

Let go of everything. 

Nothing should hold you back. 

Now is the time to act.

But the question is:

are you ready to let go?




Love. By Lauren Conrad. Told in GIF’s.

Lauren Conrad has a lot of advice when it comes to love – and here they are.


CODE RED! This is not how it’s supposed to be. But hey?? Haven’t we all been there?


Another code red. Never let a guy manipulate you!



Some guys it’s just impossible to stay friends after love.

Too much love or too much hurt.


Choose love. But don’t forget everything else in your life.




Love is not easy. But especially in the beginning you shouldn’t chase a guy.


Yes. We all have to remember that when we feel that past relationship has broken us.


That’s usually how girls tell if a guy really like a girl.. or just has good manners.


Nobody should settle!


Yes!! Men have a built-in radar.


Yes. It’s hard. But time heals all wounds.


When the guy you like or even love makes a decision you don’t agree with.


Yes girls. Please remember and take it into consideration sometimes.. Girls over guys!


After a breakup it always seems that people have to mention the guy who broke your hearts name..


Yes. Getting your hope up and thinking it’s a thing is dangerous.


Yes we usually want to be that girl. It just never happens.


Being with someone brings a lot of joy into your life but it also brings a lot of heartache.


Yes. It’s a universal rule that there is a person you always seem to go back to.


Not every relationship is supposed to work out. Some relationships are just there to provide you with lessons and with the joy of being in love.


She said it.


Oh yes! It sure can be sometimes.


Guys can be the biggest jerks you have ever met sometimes.


Again. Never settle!


Sometimes you just have to deal with the facts and move on from a relationship. In the end, it will benefit you more.


No it doesn’t. Life changes. But hopefully one day you find the person who will stay by your side through it all.


Yes. It can be hard to let go. But when one door closes another one opens.

And remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea…. 😉



I went to Ellie Goulding’s concert at Red Rocks this friday and this is what I experienced. 


I was on top of the world 

Suddenly I saw everything clearly. 

I had been in a bubble,

cut off from the world. 

So many possibilities

so many dreams and hopes in the air. 


I was high. 

The plant, the world, the love and the atmosphere. 

It felt amazing. 

i will never forget the feeling where I saw everything clearly. 

It was a pure vision. 

It was a dream. 

I was there. 

I felt everything. 



Sorry seems to be the hardest word

I’m mad. 

I’m frustrated. 

I’m confused. 

And I’m at a crossroad this point in my life

and I don’t know what to do from here.


I’m not home 

in familar settings 

or with friends or family. 

I’m in this unknown place 

where everybody is fake. 

Everybody talks behind each others back 

and nobody says how they really feel. 


Then there you are 

you are my confidant. 

You are the person I trust 

You are the person who sees everything 

when I’m down and when I’m truly happy. 

Others doesn’t notice 

because they don’t see it or doesn’t care. 


You’ve seen me cry 

You held me tight 

and told me everything would be okay

when I was at my worst. 

I’m getting better and better everyday 

like they say time heals everything. 


But I often get more mad

because I blame myself for not treating you better. 

I know in the moment I did something wrong

but I have flaws 

and I hate to admit when I’m wrong. 


You are my best friend

the person I confide to

whether it’s happy or sad news. 

I’ve told you stuff I have never told anybody 

and it felt good 

because all you did 

was just to listen, hug me 

and you told me everything would be okay. 


So this is me apologizing. 

Apologizing for my mistakes

and for the ones I will make

because I’m not perfect.

I’m stubborn and I have a temper

and I feel everything so strongly.

And I have a power to take it out on the people

who are closets to me.  


But know that you will always be my friend

the friend who was there in the good and the bad times 

for that I cannot express how much it means to me. 


Sorry is the hardest word for me to express in this world. 

I may say it daily but when it’s truthful and comes from within 

it’s the hardest thing for me to do. 

So this is my way of apologizing to you 

because you are an amazing friend 

and you should be treated like that everyday.