Love. By Lauren Conrad. Told in GIF’s.

Lauren Conrad has a lot of advice when it comes to love – and here they are.


CODE RED! This is not how it’s supposed to be. But hey?? Haven’t we all been there?


Another code red. Never let a guy manipulate you!



Some guys it’s just impossible to stay friends after love.

Too much love or too much hurt.


Choose love. But don’t forget everything else in your life.




Love is not easy. But especially in the beginning you shouldn’t chase a guy.


Yes. We all have to remember that when we feel that past relationship has broken us.


That’s usually how girls tell if a guy really like a girl.. or just has good manners.


Nobody should settle!


Yes!! Men have a built-in radar.


Yes. It’s hard. But time heals all wounds.


When the guy you like or even love makes a decision you don’t agree with.


Yes girls. Please remember and take it into consideration sometimes.. Girls over guys!


After a breakup it always seems that people have to mention the guy who broke your hearts name..


Yes. Getting your hope up and thinking it’s a thing is dangerous.


Yes we usually want to be that girl. It just never happens.


Being with someone brings a lot of joy into your life but it also brings a lot of heartache.


Yes. It’s a universal rule that there is a person you always seem to go back to.


Not every relationship is supposed to work out. Some relationships are just there to provide you with lessons and with the joy of being in love.


She said it.


Oh yes! It sure can be sometimes.


Guys can be the biggest jerks you have ever met sometimes.


Again. Never settle!


Sometimes you just have to deal with the facts and move on from a relationship. In the end, it will benefit you more.


No it doesn’t. Life changes. But hopefully one day you find the person who will stay by your side through it all.


Yes. It can be hard to let go. But when one door closes another one opens.

And remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea…. ūüėČ



Life lessons from Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is for sure, one woman who I truly admire and look up to! She’s so much more than the phenomenon TV-Reality star! She was one of the first and she’s one of the greatest examples on how to build a new life and take advantages of the opportunities. I’m sure she had to work much harder but she’s a tough business woman who made it through. So I made a bunch of GIF’s with her best quotes and lessons on life !


Yes, you will fall, get hurt, get a broken heart, be unlucky. But Life’s tough!

And the best way to deal with it? Get a helmet!


This one is tough and heartbreaking. It shouldn’t be necessary to have this attitude towards people. But sadly that’s how it is people can surprise and stab you in the back with no remorse or guilt!


But remember?! That there are people in this world who truly wants the best for you just like you do for everyone else!


Appreciate the close friends you have. It’s better to have 2 friends you can tell anything to rather than 20 girlfriends who you really can’t talk to.


I felt like this one needed to be repeated!


Maybe you think that if you don’t do anything you won’t get into trouble. But if you don’t interfere, your friends might think you don’t care. And it’s never the right solution to just do nothing.


Yes. Repetition I know. But hey, the girl is spot on!


Life doesn’t always go our way and it’s not fait but¬†that is just how it is sometimes.


Lauren does not allow people to walk all over her. And the best thing in come cases we can do is just to forget the people who have hurt us. We should’t forget everything that has happen. But we need to acknowledge when we need to move on.


Don’t let the past get in the way. You can still be happy for people and wish them good luck. If they hurt you or betrayed you they are probably fucked up and has no clue what’s going on. Be the bigger person!


But sometimes it is also okay to just talk bad about that person. We all have our moment when we have had enough. So let your frustrations come out.


Yes. It will never end well. And you will not get anything out of it.


Don’t wait for tomorrow. Seize the day and make the change you want to make! It’s a perfect day to start!


Stand up for yourself. People should learn that it’s not okay.


Okay this isn’t Lauren. But Lauren could have said the same as Whitney. And Whitney? You’ve got it right!


tumblr_mfnqdwMhjh1r50vbpo1_500 tumblr_mdht3rjyhn1rctctpo1_500

It sucks. But… we have to know sadness and dissapointment in order for us to know joy.


Accept it. Not everyone is supposed to be your friend.

tumblr_mgs0kz0apn1ql5yr7o1_500Oh… This one hurts a lot I’m sure. But Lauren learned a really important lesson. Remember to take opportunities and chances when they are there. The great love will not always last!


Saying goodbye can be the hardest thing in life. But it has to be done in order for us to make room for something better.


The uniqueness of Jennifer Lawrence explained in GIF’s





She can be very dramatic in her interviews but it’s only for fun!

A reporter gives her a eatable bracelet during an interview: she starts wearing it, eats it and claims NOW, we’re best friends.


She’s one of the funniest people during interviews. Obviously joking with her costar Josh Hutcherson!

She expressed on Barbara Walters why the word FAT should be banned on TV. Barbara Walters named Jennifer Lawrence one of the most influential people in 2013.


She’s so honest about herself which makes it hard not to laugh with her and love her!

She’s a great actress that has played many different roles!


She’s very awkward but come on! It’s adorable!


I’ll let this picture speak for itself.



She’s not afraid to make a fool of herself and just be herself.



She can’t sit still during an interview which resulted in this…



She’s not afraid to eat unhealthy. She also¬†turned down losing weight for the Hunger Games movie – you go girl!


Do I really need to explain this one?


Again she simply cannot lie!


She said it !


Her facial expressions are fantastic !


She video bombs people ! haha 

She’s just amazing !


She doesn’t think before she speaks – even though I though this was hilarious and a compliment for Meryl made in a very awkward way!

She’s still amazed when she meet actors like Jack Nicholson – Down to earth.




Refering to an old classic!


I know again a food quote – but come on: How many celebrities on the red carpet does that?


And finally: she’s an amazing human being who’s beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside!




I continue to believe in love… Thank you Nicholas Sparks. Thank you !


I still remember the first time I read one of his stories.

It was The Notebook. I watched the movie thought with the amazing Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. It was pure magic.

And I already had a huge love for books, so I knew I had to read the book. Because usually the book is better than the movie because there are so much more details in a book.

I read it and I fell in love with the love in his stories. Yes I’m a romantic and I still think his stories are amazing. I am sucker for these types of books and love stories.

What I can recommend that you read:

The Notebook 

A Walk to Remember

True Believer 

At First Sight (I’m halfway and loving it)

Dear John 

The Choice 

The Lucky One 

The Last Song 

Safe Haven 

The Best of Me 



I know Ryan Gosling is doing a lot of the work for me. But who wouldn’t want a guy to say that?

Fake it till you become it

I really enjoy listening and watching the different TED Talks there is. If you have never heard about it, TED Talk organizes conferences that has incredible speakers whose goal is to spread ideas worth spreading.

Amy Cuddy has researched in body science and her speech is very interesting and inspiring because she talks about how powerful body language is.

I highly encourage you even though you are not a business major to take a look at it and try because the speakers are really talented and inspiring!

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