choosing your path in life

So I am in the midst of deciding my future.

What do I want to study and where??

It’s so hard because like so many others

I feel pressured about

what everybody else is doing..

but why? it’s my life

and I should decide how it’s going to be.

So this is me accepting the person that I have become.

I’m staying where I am and I could not be more pleased.. 🙂


Which path should I follow?


I look around and all I see is people knowing where they are going

my path has already been laid out.

But I don’t know if that’s the path for me?

When and how will I figure it out?

I have already stepped on this path and I don’t feel it.

I feel lost, lonely and afraid.

Is this the right path for me?

Or am I just doing it because everyone else is doing it?

I see people.

I see how easy it is for them.

How easy everything looks for them.

And then I think about my daily struggles.

When will I know my path?

However, the biggest question is:

When I find the path will I dare to leave my current path and take a chance?

I hope so.

With everything I am I truly hope that i’ll be ready.