Right now moment

I’m so sick of the lies and the hurt.

But most of all, I’m sick of the loneliness.

You said that you would be back.

I waited and waited.

But sadly you never came.

All I wonder is, what did I do wrong?

As I said don’t promise me things you can’t keep

But sadly you decided to break the promise.

And for that I am truly sad and hurt.


I make myself

I make myself pretty for you and not for me. Because I’m hoping you will notice – but it never happens anymore.

I make myself available to you because I hope you are available for me – but it never happens anymore.

I make myself seem strong when you are around because I hope you Won’t notice how I’m not strong – but it doesn’t happen anymore.

I make myself to be fake around my friends because I don’t want them to worry. But I feel fake and it’s not working.

I make myself think of other things because I can’t spend my days thinking about you. But that’s what I end up doing.

I make myself be a lot of things but it doesn’t work. So what do I do?

Fake it till you become it

I really enjoy listening and watching the different TED Talks there is. If you have never heard about it, TED Talk organizes conferences that has incredible speakers whose goal is to spread ideas worth spreading.

Amy Cuddy has researched in body science and her speech is very interesting and inspiring because she talks about how powerful body language is.

I highly encourage you even though you are not a business major to take a look at it and try because the speakers are really talented and inspiring!

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