choosing your path in life

So I am in the midst of deciding my future.

What do I want to study and where??

It’s so hard because like so many others

I feel pressured about

what everybody else is doing..

but why? it’s my life

and I should decide how it’s going to be.

So this is me accepting the person that I have become.

I’m staying where I am and I could not be more pleased.. 🙂


I choose myself.

I don’t love myself.

I don’t take care of myself.

I don’t take decision based on myself.

I look at my decisions

my choices

my dreams

my hopes.

Everyone else is high on my list

but in the end I forget myself.

I should be the top priority

but it’s not like that.

I should take better care of myself.

However, it’s hard

it’s a new concept

new idea

that I’m not used to.

One day though.

One day I’ll be able to leave behind

bad decision,

wrong men,

poor judgement,

low self-esteem,

and fake friends.

That day it will change everything.

It will change everything and nothing.

However, I look forward to the day when I can say out loud:

“I choose to make myself to be happy today.

I choose me!”