Right now moment

I’m so sick of the lies and the hurt.

But most of all, I’m sick of the loneliness.

You said that you would be back.

I waited and waited.

But sadly you never came.

All I wonder is, what did I do wrong?

As I said don’t promise me things you can’t keep

But sadly you decided to break the promise.

And for that I am truly sad and hurt.



I was a coward

afraid of my own feelings

that when I said goodbye

all I could do was to cry.

I didn’t even tell you how much you have changed for me

or how much your friendship has meant to me

and how I wish things would have been different.

But what done is done

and now I have to live with my choice.

Hopefully I will be strong again the next time or just tell you how I feel..

I feel it.

I feel it. 

I feel it more and more. 

I feel the power it’s getting. 

I need to get out. 

But I can’t. 

Nobody can help me 

besides myself. 


I feel it. 

I feel it consuming me. 

I feel it getting stronger. 

I don’t want it to be like this. 

But I’m too weak to let go

and to weak to forget. 


I love too much.

I think too much. 

I feel too much. 

It’s my weakness and my strength. 

I can’t let things go. 

It consumes me

It affects me. 

It troubles me. 


Where am I supposed to end up?

No direction 

no one to turn to 

no shoulders to cry on. 

People don’t understand 

people don’t care. 

It’s not their life

their problems. 


It’s mine alone. 

I need to fight on my own. 

Fight for a world with light

fight for happiness 

and i need above all

to fight for love and life