Right now moment

I’m so sick of the lies and the hurt.

But most of all, I’m sick of the loneliness.

You said that you would be back.

I waited and waited.

But sadly you never came.

All I wonder is, what did I do wrong?

As I said don’t promise me things you can’t keep

But sadly you decided to break the promise.

And for that I am truly sad and hurt.


Open / Closed

You told me

it was okay.

That it would be okay to open up

and let you know my feelings.

I told you things

i’ve never shared before.

What will forever haunt me

was your reaction.

That’s not a big deal

don’t worry about it.

Yes I sugarcoated it.

Because I was afraid.

But I was right.

He judged me

because people

doesn’t know how it feels.

How it feels to have a sadness in them

they cannot escape.

Or maybe they do.

Nobody ever talks about this.

It’s a tabu

not worth talking about.
But for me

I need someone.

And I needed him to hold me

and say it will be alright.

It didn’t happen.

All I wanted to do was to scream at him

but I let it go.

because that’s what I do.

I don’t tell people how I feel

But next time I’ll be more wise

before I let anybody in.

The pain isn’t always worth it.

But it will be worth when I find that person

who will hug me and kiss

after I let him in.

I just have to wait for him

until then i’ll be closed

and one day i will be open again

no matter how long it will be

I will wait for that guy.


The life cycle of relationships

You fall for a guy


Than you realize that the¬†honeymoon stage is over…


You learn it the hard way how much love can hurt


You wonder about this after the breakup..


You sit around in your PJ’s all day eating and watching TV. You are also thinking I will never find someone and…


Girl talk is much need but as Samantha says…


Your friends get to a point where they have had enough


That’s when you realize what your problem is


And when you have realized the problem. The guy usually figures it out and comes crawling back


But you are stronger than ever and you are able to say


And you finish off with 


And then you one moment you realize that you have moved on.


Because you have such amazing friends



And because this is a natural lifecycle it will happen again and again


But remember who you are and don’t get lost